Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow

cloud-based business application for Remote work and team collaboration

Rainbow is an enterprise-class mobile application. With Rainbow app connect and share files with your business contacts online. With Rainbow get group chat, start voice or video calls and use file sharing from anywhere!


Free version


Rainbow includes

  • Team collaboration up to 300 participants
  • Voice and video calls
  • Video conferencing
  • File/ screen sharing, storage up to 20 GB
  • Group chat/ Bubbles (groups)
  • Call recording (audio or video)
  • Use on any device (mobile (Android & iOS), desktop, web, tablet) 
  • Integration with office PBX
  • Works with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Outlook plug-in
  • 3 subscription plans Business, Enterprise and free Essential



The benefits of the Rainbow Cloud Solution (UCaaS or PCaaS) apply to small / medium / large businesses that use on-premises PBXs, as well as those that use telephone systems in the cloud. The Rainbow solution provides collaboration and communication opportunities both inside and outside the company


  • Zero advertisement, no commercialized data

  • Collaboration opened to all employees and guests (customers, partners)

  • Enterprise-grade Control, Security, API     


Communicate at home like at the office

  • Route your office number to your home or mobile devices

  • Maintain same interactions with customers and suppliers

  • Transfer calls easily in one click


Be connected with your enterprise and business community

  • Carry-out video meetings with customers, partners or colleagues from home

  • Call from any device using audio and video

  • Share screen and file for efficient interactions


Control, Security (ISO-27001, GDRP)

  • Be reassured of fully secure interactions and enhanced collaboration

  • ISO-27001 certification, the international standard for cloud security. Your customers' data is protected

  • Local hosting and cloud management: GDPR* compliance and strict data confidentiality agreements

            *General Data Protection Regulation

FREE licenses

Adventus Solutions in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent offers Rainbow Essential collaboration tool solution . 


  • Team collaboration up to 20 participants

  • Voice and video calls

  • Video conferencing

  • File/ screen sharing, storage up to 1 GB

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Switching to


you will have access to:


The use of Rainbow on any device (mobile (Android & iOS), desktop, web, tablet)


Benefit from a host of communication capabilities such as instant messaging, large file transfers (with built-in antivirus software), cloud-storage (up to 20GB), group or peer-to-peer video and audio conferences (VoIP), screen sharing, call recording, etc.


An ability to create multiple Bubbles (groups) with up to 300 users where everyone can collaborate together


Integrate Rainbow into Microsoft Outlook to add enhanced unified communication and telephony capabilities


Advanced business control with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow connections to third-party PBXs 


An online administrative portal where multiple designated users can access key usage statics, manage users (move, add, change, delete), and enable additional security features such as disabling file-sharing


A dedicated help desk working around the clock to guarantee business continuity


A fully General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant solution that safeguards the security of all user-data


See complete RAINBOW ENTERPRISE service-plan here




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