Logitech video conferencing solutions

Logitech’s Video Collaboration goal is to make video meetings accessible and affordable to every business and every individual, without sacrificing quality. Logitech wants to video-enable every meeting room, every workspace, and every home.

Whole package video conferencing solutions are our strength. Here, we are sure to offer the most suitable solution at a relevant budget. We provide cameras, screens, speakers, microphones, mounts, cables - any video conferencing equipment for small, medium, large meeting rooms. Including equipment project design, installation and cable works.

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The most popular Logitech Meeting Room Systems

Designed for rooms of all sizes, Logitech Room Solutions include everything to build meeting rooms of virtually any size. Certified for and compatible with leading video collaboration softwares, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom.

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Conference room cameras

  • S - 2-5 seats
  • M - 6-15 seats
  • L - >15 seats


Conference room systems

Certified for and compatible with leading video collaboration softwares Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom

Web-cameras for business


Whiteboard camera


Conference room scheduler & other accessories

TAP Scheduler - a smart meeting room planner. Accessories for video conferencing equipment stands, mounts, etc.

S: MeetUp  |  Rally Bar Mini

M: Rally  |  Rally Bar

L: Rally Plus

Look on full range

Logitech + Microsoft Teams

Logitech + ZOOM

Logitech + GoogleMeet

C920e  |  C925e


Brio 4K

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Logitech Scribe

TAP Scheduler




Do you have a video conferencing project that we can help with?

Apply for free consultation and our specialists will contact you to discuss the details.

We will find a solution, demonstrate it or organize a free trial in your office. During this time, you will be able to see how video conferencing optimizes the company's work and make your decision on the implementation of this technology. 


Cooperation plan step-by-step

1. First consultation - finding out your needs and meeting room specific.

2. We find the best solution for your needs. Agree on testing options.

3. Price offer. Let's discuss details together. Order confirmation.

4. Delivery and installation.

5. Warranty support. 

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Adventus Solutions is a systems integrator and Logitech partner with experience in cloud technology and equipment based solutions. Our clients are both public and private organizations. Look on full range of our video/audio conferencing solutions for any size of meeting rooms and conference halls. For more information regarding the Logitech video conferencing systems, contact our experts today.

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