Logitech business headsets

Find a Logitech headset that meets your unique business needs. Logitech office headsets offers exceptional versatility, whether you're taking calls, telecommuting, audio conferencing, engaging in interactive learning, or simply enjoying music.

Choose from our extensive range of wired and wireless headsets that seamlessly connect to your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.







260 EUR+VAT 265 EUR

170 EUR+VAT 175 EUR 105 EUR+VAT  759 EUR+VAT 79 EUR 120 EUR+VAT 125 EUR
Product Highlight Bluetooth earbuds with best-in-class noise-canceling mic, ANC and simultaneous connection to your computer and phone. Bluetooth headset designed to help you work from anywhere with exceptional sound, flip-to-mute mic, and Qi wireless charging. USB wired headset with premium audio for calls and music. Ideal for noisy workspaces. Built for business with embedded noise-canceling mic and multiple connections. Over-the-ear headphones with Bluetooth and USB receiver — certified for business and perfect for hybrid work.


Audio need                                 

Discrete style for video call

Premium audio to stay focused

Immersive audio for noisy workspace

Studio-quality audio

Immersive audio bring meetings and music to life with true, natural sound

Noice-cancelling mic,

Boomless mic

Omni-directional, dual MEMS plus an inward-facing mic, Boomless mic. Omni-directional, dual MEMS Uni-directional plus omni-directional, dual ECM Omni-directional, dual MEMS, Boomless mic Dual omni-directional MEMS mics with directional beamforming and DSP
ANC (Active Noice Cancellation) Yes, with transparency mode Yes No No No

Battery life,

Talk time

Up to 5 hrs (ANC on)

Up to 6 hrs (ANC off)

14 hrs (ANC on)

15 hrs (ANC off)
N/A N/A 18 hrs
Qi wireless charging enabled Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A
Connectivity USB-A, USB-C, Bluetooth USB-A, USB-C, Bluetooth USB-A, USB-C 3.5 mm audio jack, USB-A, USB-C Wireless headset, USB-C receiver, USB-C to USB-A adapter
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Logitech business headsets



Logitech headsets are designed to multitask, with noise-blocking capabilities that allow you to stay focused on your work even in a noisy environment.

Logitech understands that time is a precious commodity in the business world. That's why we offer hands-free headsets that enable you to compute while talking, freeing up your hands for other tasks. Our advanced voice filters can help you sound sharper and clearer during calls and video meetings, giving you a professional edge.




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