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Join us for an exclusive event for Baltic contact center professionals -

Business Lunch with Genesys and Adventus Solutions 




May 29th (Wednesday), 11:00 - 15:00

Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel

Event language - English. The number of places is limited.

The event is intended for heads of contact centers, customer service, or IT departments from companies with 10 or more contact center agents | Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia


Let's meet industry professionals, explore what's new in contact center technologies, and get inspired by a customer story from Eesti Energia!




🔶 What’s new in Genesys platform


🔶 Benefits of moving your contact center to the Cloud 

The future is agile. And it’s in the cloud. Today’s experience economy demands unprecedented adaptability. New channels emerge. Customer expectations shift. And it’s easier than ever for digital-first brands to grab your loyal customers’ attention. Customer experience transformation is more urgent than ever. None of that makes preparing to move your contact center platform to the cloud any simpler. But you might be more ready than you think.

In this session, we will identify the key trends driving cloud migration, assess the potential of a cloud investment, explore ways to manage change and migration to the cloud with confidence; all this with one goal in mind, increased efficiency of your existing resources.


🔶 How AI can improve your customer service & language model

Genesys AI brings together multiple artificial intelligence (AI) disciplines in a single platform to power exceptional customer and employee experiences. Genesys AI is embedded in Genesys Cloud to create immediate value through Predict, Automate, Augment and Optimize functions. Predictive AI allows deeper customer insights for personalization and accurate forecasts to improve workforce planning. Virtual agents allow to scale customer interactions. Co-pilots empower agents, supervisors and admins in the moment,  bringing simplicity while reducing cost and complexity.

In this session, we will also explore Genesys AI architecture, orchrestrating LLMs usage through AWS bedrock foundation, open source models and proprietary 1st party models to always provide Genesys customers with the best fit model for each use case.

🔶 Connect your front and back office with Genesys Cloud

With 60% of customer dissatisfaction originating in the back office, organizations can’t afford to have siloed data repositories for each back-office function.

In this section, we will overview new Work Automation functionality of Genesys Cloud, aimed to assist with tracking customer requests across the organization, spanning from the front-office to the back-office.

🔶 Customer Story: Eesti Energia

In this section, Eesti Energia will share its experience on how to succeed in moving to the cloud and how to do it in a future-proof way. We'll also discuss how you can train team leads to have control over IVR with no IT background, and more.


🔶 Business lunch and conversation among contact center professionals


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Adventus Solutions company is contact center experts with 27 years of experience.
About Genesys Cloud CX. Genesys is the world's leading vendor of call/contact centers, offering state-of-the-art technology for customer service processes. It is also used by a significant part of the largest call/contact centers in the Baltics.
The Genesys Cloud CX platform has all the necessary security certifications, which allows you to use the offered cloud technologies without any problems to store sensitive data of the company or its customers.

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