Three suggestions how to prepare a hotel for the new reality

Working with hotels for 25 years as a leading Baltic company in the integration of hotel IT & telecommunication systems, we share experience about the new reality technologies in the hospitality industry, their implementation, common mistakes and the story of how to avoid them.

Tehnoloģiju tendences viesmīlības nozarē 2020


The world has changed in recent months, and possibly forever. This time is not for depression and inactivity, but for business improving and renovation. The hotel industry is one of the first in this respect, for which it is important to react quickly to changes and adapt to the new situation.


The three main priorities that hotel owners and management need to take care of today are:

  • compliance with increased hygiene requirements;
  • contactless services providing;
  • personalization of guest services

How can new hotel technologies help to make your customer service more relevant to today's requirements?


Let's look at three technology trends that the hospitality industry needs to pay attention to in 2020.


Trend#1 - Hotel staff applications implementation


Hotels would like to take a look at a telephony application that provides all the features of a desk phone on an employee's mobile device or computer. The ideal solution for cleaners, mobile workers (technical service), who are not always in the office, but who need the functionality of a telephone connection to the corporate network. The application is designed for hotels of any size and it is easy to use. As one example, the Alcatel-Lucent softphone.  

Trend#2- Requirement for professional Wi-Fi.


At present, guests believe that good internet in a hotel is more important than breakfast! (research). Guests expect the same or even better internet speeds in their hotel rooms than they have at home. Guests are convinced that good internet in hotels should be provided by default. In addition, powerful internet is now more in demand than ever before, as it is important for many travelers not only to relax but also to work. When we [Adventus Solutions] working with customers, we often see the same mistakes that hotels make. They are all typical, so we decided to make a list of these mistakes and tell you how to avoid them when thinking about upgrading Wi-Fi. Common mistakes when creating a hotel WI-FI networkThe availability of Wi-Fi or wireless internet is a critical factor in keeping the hotel modern and attractive to guests. So that guests would like to come back and leave a good feedback. Renting a Wi-Fi solution is a good way to upgrade your hotel's wireless internet right now.

Trend#3- Hotel phones are becoming a tool for contactless guest service.

Today, as never before, specialized hotel phones and telephone exchanges are coming to the fore as the main tools for contactless guest service. They simplify the communication process and provide a number of useful data on guest preferences. In addition, specialized telephone models are made of antibacterial plastic. An example of such a phone is the Vtech A2310 un A2211 series phones, resistant to bacteria, mold and fungi, which will allow you to comply with increased hygiene requirements.



Technology trends in hospitality industry 2020


Conclusions and recommendations

Hoteliers need to be able to make responsible investment decisions in technology upgrades at crucial moments. Before making a decision, customers consult with us to assess how significantly the innovations will increase the efficiency of the technologies used. Together we try to analyze the situation and get answer to two questions:

  • Will the innovation improve the competitiveness of your hotel?
  • Will they increase customer confidence in your hotel?


Undoubtedly, guests will appreciate the choice offered if the hotel uses innovation and modern technology to meet the demands of the new reality.

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Adventus Solutions is a leading company in the Baltics in the integration of hotel telecommunications systems. We have extensive experience in implementation of solutions not only in new hotels, but also in installations of equipment without communication interruptions in existing hotels. Our solutions in the Baltics are used by such hotels as Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Kempinski, Marriott, Hilton and many others. Our hotel projects



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