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Working from home, as well as communicating with colleagues in the form of correspondence or video calls due to the pandemic, has become commonplace. According to Kaspars Pētersons, Logitech's Video Conferencing Solutions Business Development Manager in the Baltics, many companies had not previously seriously considered using video communications platforms, so telecommuting was a big challenge. He has been working from home for seven years and meets colleagues and clients on a daily basis in video format: "The Covid-19 era will leave its mark on the organization of work, and in the future, video meetings will undoubtedly be used just as actively. Such changes also have their advantages - video conferencing solutions can facilitate communication and promote company development."


Valuable benefits


Video calling requires not only a communication platform, but also high-quality equipment, and Logitech offers web-based webcams, as well as business-class equipment for meeting rooms and large conference rooms. In addition, all Logitech products are compatible with popular platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and more.

Non-verbal communication accounts for two-thirds of the conversation. To transmit it successfully through video requires high quality picture and sound, so you need to start with the right equipment. Yes, laptops have both a built-in camera and a microphone, but that's not enough to bring the conversation closer to real life, and the audio and video quality of the webcam is much higher. Thanks to advances in technology, Logitech's camera resolution ensures that interlocutors can be seen as clearly as in person, with a powerful microphone built into all webcams.



One of the biggest benefits of moving to online communication is reduced travel costs and time savings: With a few clicks, you can connect with people on the other side of the world. In addition, video conferencing from home improves collaboration and increases productivity, making face-to-face communication more efficient than chatting or emailing. When working from home, it is most convenient to communicate with colleagues and clients in video format, a big plus is that calls can be recorded and archived. If you forget something, you can watch the recording and transfer it to others.

By organizing work remotely, companies can expand their business and enter international markets, and video communication also allows them to recruit people living in another city or country. Many companies have already tried out how to work from home, and this practice will be partially or completely followed after the pandemic - in 2020, the use of video conferencing solutions has increased by 275% compared to 2019, Kaspars presents the research data: "Customers also points out that this is a successful solution, I think many will be able to work from home at least a few days a week in the future, so video conferencing will be an integral part of everyday life, even when 71% of office workers use video conferencing at least once a day to communicate , therefore, it is also worth investing in the improvement of office meeting rooms to ensure communication between those in the office and those who work from home."


Modern office meeting rooms


If the call is between two or three people, a webcam connected to a personal computer will suffice, this solution is convenient when working from home. Because Logitech is designed to make your PC easier to use without the hassle of installing a webcam, you simply plug the camera cable into your computer's USB port at home.

However, if several people in the office are involved in the conversation, it is more convenient for everyone to gather in a room. The easiest way to equip this meeting room is to set up a TV screen and camera that connects to your computer before the video call. Because Logitech focuses on making all the solutions work the same, the user won't have to worry about how to handle a larger meeting room. To start a video call in the meeting room, do the same things you do at home from your laptop - send an invitation to the other guests and open the link, that's all!

When setting up a meeting room in an office, be aware that Logitech uses RightSight's "auto framing" technology - all people in the room are in the frame during a video call. In the past, to see people at the other end of the meeting room, the camera had to be "sucked in," and then the rest of the reaction could not be seen. Most Logitech solutions offer Ultra HD or 4K resolution, which guarantees that we can see every person's facial expression perfectly, even if there are several speakers in the room. This increases the effect of presence.



In addition, the cameras perform light correction. Often the biggest problem is that there is a window behind it and the speaker looks dark, the web-cameras are able to balance the light, and people can be seen. Microphones, on the other hand, are able to focus directly on the speaker, suppressing background noise during recording. For example, if someone clicks on a pen or clicks on a computer key in the meeting room, the other party will not hear it because the microphone will leave only the speaker's voice. If a speaker is too loud, their webcam can also correct and mute their voice.

Logitech offers business-class webcams for home users, video conferencing equipment for businesses, and high-end conference room equipment. Over the past five years, Logitech has established itself as the fastest growing company in the video conferencing equipment market and has successfully entered the business class market.


Contact Adventus Solutions experts to learn more about the "Logitech" video conferencing solutions and to consult on equipping your office meeting room. We are an integrators of video and audio conferencing systems and a partner of Logitech in the Baltic States.                                

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