What IT trends will affect companies in the near future?

The recent Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) survey found that digital transformation is taking hold, companies want more manageability and they are looking for new network infrastructure partners that understand it. In fact, 100 percent of respondents said that they are, or will be potentially, looking for a new provider soon.


What’s your biggest challenge?

The survey asked about the biggest challenges IT decision makers were facing with their current networking providers. According to the survey, the major challenges were security and manageability, which was no surprise given the growth of the cloud and internet of things (IoT).

Security as a top concern comes as no surprise with data breaches of varying sizes happening every day. The cloud and the internet of things (IoT) are bringing large amounts of data to the enterprise and forcing IT decision makers to adjust to these constantly evolving security challenges.

Management through a cloud

Manageability has also become a big concern for enterprises as network management must address user mobility, BYOD and the IoT – all while prioritizing security and scalability. While this can be costly and complex, is emerging to meet the needs of IT decision makers. This network management as a service is designed to be flexible to meet manageability needs at a lower cost.

Which IT trends do you foresee disrupting your business?

The survey also asked IT decision makers “Which trends do you foresee disrupting your business in the near future?” with possible answers including digital collaboration, digital transformation, IoT, mobility and new business models.

25 percent of survey respondents believe digital transformation is the top trend that that would soon disrupt their business landscape. Close behind digital transformation with 24 percent of responses, was new business models, meaning that the unpredictable nature of cloud technologies was an obvious cause for concern that new tech can have on established markets.  


Although mobility was not the most disruptive technology in the survey, it is disruptive when you consider it is no longer just about wireless handsets and cell phones. It is also about mobile access and security, it’s about student tablets in classrooms, intelligent traffic systems on highways and wearable patient monitors in hospitals. Companies are rethinking the very foundation of their network to incorporate these new demands from mobility – network security, network performance and support of pioneering new devices.


Do you see Wi-Fi as critical to your business now and in the future?

The final question highlighted the importance of Wi-Fi to business. Two thirds of responding companies indicated that Wi-Fi will be vital to their operations in the future.

Who replied to the survey?

Survey of IT decision-makers in education, hospitals and healthcare, hospitality and cruise and transportation sectors. The survey, completed in late 2017, included responses from companies with between 150 – 2499 employees from Australia, France, Germany, India, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. 

You can view the infographic that summarizes the full survey results here. 


4 steps to developing a digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation is about using technology to improve the connected customer experience, increase employee efficiency and accelerate decision making to experience collaboration at previously unknown levels.


At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a 4-step strategy was developed to help customers transition to the digital world.

1. Connect everything – IoT will make huge demands on your enterprise network

2. Deploy analytics to automate, understand and save costs

3. Offer new business models that take advantage of the costs savings cloud and other “as-a-service” models offer

4. Move towards a single, simple platform for your communications infrastructure


What’s your plan?

Do you have a plan for how to address network infrastructure challenges, such as security, manageability, reliability or scalability in your own business? 

We will be happy to help you realize digital transformation strategy with unified communications systems, network infrastructure modernization, Wi-Fi solutions based on latest industry standards. Contact us


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