TV screen versus Interactive Touch Display. How to Choose?

Actuality: IT managers have normally considered conference room equipment that supports displaying presentations as well as video conferencing. TV’s have been a popular choice so far. However, in the new era of hybrid work the need to support interactivity in the meeting rooms is increasing. For example, use an online whiteboard camera or an interactive display for slide notes that can be seen by remote participants.

This article includes comparison of TV screens, Interactive Displays, Interactive Totems. 


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TV screens

Having the right equipment in your meeting room is key for team productivity.

TV’s allow participants to easily share their presentations in the room as well enabling video of remote participants who are dialing into the meeting from a remote location. However, TV’s have limitations as outlined below.

TV screens Pros  TV screens Cons
Easy to buy Cannot walk up and use for interactive one-click meeting start e.g. MS Teams, Zoom Rooms
Probably already standing in the meeting room Doesn't support digital whiteboard for hybrid teams
Budget price  


Interactive displays (touch screens, multiboards)


What is multiboard?

  • Interactive Ultra HD windows-based devices for business and education.
  • TouchScreen, computer, Wi-Fi, stereo speakers and special applications – all inside one device with zero setup.
  • Share screen, take notes, save documents and records during the meeting.
  • Add annotations, comments and text right on your slides to make your presentation interactive.
  • Many different ports for connecting additional devices and computer peripherals allows you to connect and even charge devices. Screen sharing function enables wireless collaboration just in several clicks.

There is a pressing need to ensure the meeting-room technology remains future-proof by supporting hybrid work use cases.

This is where the touch-based interactive display can help further simplify setup while providing a more equitable collaboration as outlined below.

Interactive display Pros Interactive display Cons
One-click meeting start More expensive price
Use as digital whiteboard; connect online with remote participants Apps may not be fully optimized for large displays
Ability to take notes on slides during the presentation  
Users can work together on the display instead of working separately on laptops  



How to choose?

Make your decision on TV versus Interactive display based on the following considerations:

1.    Do you want to enable the use of a digital whiteboard in your video meetings?

2.    Want to connect online with remote participants in your video meetings?

3.    Is it important to be able to take notes on the slides during the presentation?

4.    Want to use one-click meeting start for video conferencing?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, investing in an interactive display with a hybrid whiteboard for your team should be a serious consideration.

We provide different brands of TV screens such as LG, Samsung, Vestel and Interactice displays by Prestigio Solutions brand. 


Interactive displays - totems

Introducing Digital Signage Interactive Totems which are powerful tools for engaging customers and delivering dynamic, personalized content in various settings, from retail stores and transportation hubs to museums and public spaces.

Digital Signage Interactive Totems not only captivate audiences with eye-catching visuals and interactive experiences, but they also enable businesses to efficiently manage and update their content remotely. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, these totems can incorporate features like touchscreens, motion sensors, and facial recognition, offering users a truly immersive and customized experience. In addition, the integration of real-time data and analytics allows businesses to monitor user engagement, optimize content, and make informed decisions based on customer preferences and behavior. Ultimately, digital signage interactive totems present an innovative and effective solution for businesses and organizations looking to enhance their communication strategies and foster lasting connections with their audiences. Look more

Advantages of interactive totems
  • A more enjoyable customer visit experience - interactive stands provide detailed information about the company's services or products;
  • Increase the number of potential customers - by setting up stands outside the store, you increase your ability to attract new customers;
  • Save employee time - Interactive stands can answer many customer questions, so employees can focus more on direct selling;
  • Engagement - the opportunity to touch and choose the content that is relevant to the client, gives a special satisfaction to the client;
  • Decreased costs for print advertising/information.

We provide Interactice Totems by Prestigio Solutions brand. 



Adventus Solutions is an integrator of video and audio conferencing systems. We work with cloud technologies and hardware solutions, we install interactive displays, ineractive totems and TV screens. Our video conferencing systems are suitable for classic or hybrid work conference rooms.
With Adventus Solutions, your video conference projects (VC) will take place without headaches and saving your time:
  • we carry out complex VC projects from A to Z, so that you do not have to look for several partners;
  • we will install and configure the video conference system, we will train users, we will do cable works;
  • we will find a solution for any meeting room;
  • we will help you present the VC concept to the management/team of your colleagues to make your task easier;
  • we serve on Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian end English. Contact us for free consultation to find out what solution suits your meeting room.


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