Event Recap: "Customer Experience – What You Need to Know in 2024!"

On May 29th, we hosted an exclusive event for Contact Center professionals in Riga with Genesys and Adventus Solutions. The event brought together over 40 heads of contact centers, customer service, and IT departments from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

It was a fantastic opportunity for industry professionals to network, discuss the latest in contact center technologies, learn from industry leaders Regis Mace, Annelie Edling, and Kaido Kabral, and get inspired by real-world success stories such as Eesti Energia (ENEFIT & Enefit Lietuva)!





Key highlights from the our event:

🔶 Customer Story: Eesti Energia
Eesti Energia shared their successful step-by-step journey to the cloud, detailing success factors and mentioning future-proof strategies they employed.

🔶 Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud
We discussed the agility and adaptability of cloud-based solutions in today’s dynamic market, highlighting key trends, potential investments, and strategies for seamless migration to the cloud.




🔶 How AI Can Improve Your Customer Service & Language Model
Attendees learned about the integration of AI in Genesys Cloud, including predictive AI for personalized customer insights, virtual agents, and AI-driven optimization for workforce planning.

🔶 Connecting Your Front and Back Office with Genesys Cloud
We introduced new Work Automation functionality in Genesys Cloud, designed to bridge the gap between front-office and back-office operations, improving overall customer satisfaction.




Thank you to our impressive speakers and active participants!

Stay tuned for more events and insights!



Customer Story: Eesti Energia & Enefit achieving sustainability in the cloud

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