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We live in a time when communication is becoming digital. Customers also increasingly prefer to communicate with companies via social networks, mobile applications, chat and e-mails, purchasing habits have changed in favour of online stores. To avoid losing ground or, in contrast, to gain new customers, companies need to think about and keep an eye on the change in customers' habits. There is more – they need to evolve themselves, and speak in a language the customers understand, using channels the customers use


This is why the partner of the BiSMART platform, IT and communications solutions company Adventus Solutions offered a relevant topic - "Customer Engagement in the Digital World" at the BiSMART Forum 24.11.2016. It was presented by Richard McCrossan, digital channel strategic business director of one of the world's leading multichannel customer communications and contact centre solution development company, Genesys.


 "Digital technology has changed the way a customer wants to interact with a company, so in my speech I will aim to help business managers understand how they can meet the needs of demanding digital customers. At the same time, I will give insight into key elements and the most important steps to be taken by a company to engage the digital client as efficiently as possible. I think that this topic is relevant to businesses of all scales and sectors, to managers, sales, marketing, business development or customer loyalty staff," Richard says.


According to the expert's view, one of the first steps in engaging the digital era customer is to provide communication channels that the company customer wants to use - mobile devices, website, social networks, Internet of Things and so on.


"Most important is to observe coherence in these channels so that they do not conflict with each other. In fact, this means that the staff should also have a convenient and single platform available from which to manage all these channels that can personalise the customer in real time and provide decision-making support," McCrossan explains.


He also adds that a significant part of digital business transformation is the creation of platforms that provide a seamless transition from automatic processes to self-service and the ability to proactively address the buyer at the time when his need arises.


A small example – a solution created by Genesys for the global telecommunications giant Vodafone Vodafone


To find out more, see the BiSMART Forum 2016 materials here




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