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Barco ClickShare, wireless presentation and conferencing technology, creates understanding between people by freeing them to interact easily and naturally.


ClickShare conferences

Introducing wireless conferencing to ClickShare

  • Triple agnostic: Integrates your laptop, your conferencing platform (UC) and your brand of AV USB-peripheral.
  • BYOM: Bring Your Own Meeting to the meeting room. See video below
  • It's an enterprise-grade solution: secure, cloud-managed & connected.


ClickShare Conference - Bring Your Own Meeting concept

  • It is a solution that allows you to connect an existing meeting room devices to a ClickShare solution. 
  • All devices in your meeting room cameras, microphones, speakers and your computer with Skype, Teams, Zoom etc connects into one single platform.
  • Wirelessly connect to all the mentioned infrastructure with the help of a button. 
  • User brings its own computer to meeting and expands it to the size of a meeting room (Bring Your Own Meeting concept).


See demo video (1:12 min)


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Why ClickShare is a perfect match for you

ClickShare offers wireless collaboration technology that is designed for you and your company. Discover how we can help you.


Optimize how colleagues are working during meetings. Grow your business and get the best return on investment on your meeting room solutions
Optimize the workload of your IT team with a quick and easy integration within your network and existing technology stack
Work anytime, anywhere with your own device using intuitive, wireless technology to collaborate and connect with colleagues, suppliers, customers
Advise your clients in implementing a secure, reliable and futureproof tech solution in their new or refurbished offices
For Digital Workplace Manager For IT Manager For meeting room user For Solution Architect


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