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2021 Trends in customer service & What modern customers need

Webinar for call/contact center, customer service, telesales, support service and IT managers.

Have your call center agents meet problems when it comes to opening different applications to handle customer calls or emails, chats, or CRM? Is it the case that statistics for different channels are not available together? You can combine it all in a single service environment and see statistics for each channel and agent! In addition, your employees can work remotely and even be situated in another country.
All this is provided by Genesys Cloud CX - a unique all-in-one multimedia contact center platform.



ESTONIA October 22 at 11:00. Registration

LATVIA October 27 at 11:00. Registration

LITHUANIA October 28 at 11:00. Registration


Webinars will be held in local languages. Speakers - Adventus Solutions exsperts

Duration 1 hour. Free of charge participation

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Webinar programm:

  • 2021 Trends in customer service

  • What customers expect in the new reality
  • Genesys Cloud CX - all in one platform - customer communication channels, chat bots, automation, analytics and reporting, employee management and evaluation, conversation records, etc.
  • Extensive functionality and easy subscription - in 3 types of packages
  • Security certification
  • Quick installation and testing capabilities
  • Remote workers, sms, social network integration


Webinar participants will see the Genesys Cloud CX platform in action. And will also receive a useful guide “2021 contact centre buyer’s guide”.

Participate with colleagues by forwarding this invitation to them. Each participant have to register separately.


Registration bonuses:

🔸 "Contact Center as a Service Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021" review.

🔸 The story of the HELPLINE IT service contact center, which moved to work from home within 5 days.  

🔸 How the CARGLASS call center has transformed from a cost center to an experience center.

🔸 Cloud contact center allows LOWELL NORWAY full control of its customer experience and provide impeccable credit management services.  

🔸 How to re-create a contact center in 3 days? The experience of the Finnish city of Helsinki.  

You will receive bonuses immediately after registration. Materials in English.


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ESTONIA October 22 at 11:00. Registration

LATVIA October 27 at 11:00. Registration

LITHUANIA October 28 at 11:00. Registration


Adventus Solutions company is contact center experts with 27 years of experience.
About Genesys Cloud CX. Genesys is the world's leading vendor of call/contact centers, offering state-of-the-art technology for customer service processes. It is also used by a significant part of the largest call/contact centers in the Baltics.
The Genesys Cloud CX platform has all the necessary security certifications, which allows you to use the offered cloud technologies without any problems to store sensitive data of the company or its customers.

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