Wi-Fi or wireless internet access is a critical factor in a hotel being modern and attractive to guests. So guests would like to leave a good review and return. Renting a Wi-Fi solution is a good way to upgrade your hotel's wireless internet right now. 




We offer a hotel Wi-Fi solution for rent. Our specialists will help you find the most suitable package for your hotel.

3 offer sets:

  •  Wi-Fi Basic set starting from 50 EUR/ per month*.
  • Includes: 4 pcs standard AP1201 access points, 1 pcs OS2220 switch 

  •  Wi-Fi Advanced set starting from 90 EUR/per month*.
  • Includes: 6 pcs standard AP1201 and 1 pcs high performance AP1221 access points, 1 pcs OS6350 switch.


  • Rent of 1 pcs standard access point AP1201 starting from 9.95 eur / per month *.

*Prices provided if the contract is for 2 years.


Fill in the application form and we will help you find the right solution for your hotel.

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Professional Wi-Fo for hospitality



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