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It’s easier than ever to move to Genesys Cloud

No licence costs. No risk.

That’s right: you can sign up to deploy Genesys Cloud without paying for the licences until the maintenance of your current contact centre solution expires. This means that your customers and agents can immediately experience the power of our industry-leading all-in-one cloud contact centre with no double payment on your part.


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So where is the catch? There isn’t any!

Quick deployment

  • Experience the power of cloud on day one, scale fast as you need it
  • Need to start immediately? Customers went live within one day with simple and standard scenarios

No risk

  • Accelerate implementation with proven and standards-based use cases
  • Fail safe and with no time pressure –  your legacy system stays fully operational and supported during the transition

No Double Cost

  • Genesys cloud services fully available at no cost until the maintenance of your current legacy contact centre solution expires



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