Aplication for hotel staff 

Alcatel-Lucent IP desktop softphone 

This mobile application solution can be used by hotels of any size. It is integrated with your hotel property management system (PMS) and telephone exchange, while providing simple functionality. Also, in cases where staff are scattered across the floors of the hotel, it is not easy to contact them quickly if you do not have the appropriate means of communication.

Such mobile application can also be installed on guests' smartphones, that way speeding up their communication with staff. The application allows you to keep in touch with guests and hotel staff, allowing you to serve customers more quickly and efficiently. You can see more functionality here Application Alcatel-Lucent IP Desktop softphone [PDF]


Special offer


Alcatel-Lucent IP Desktop softphone license price for 1 employee starting from 99 eur + VAT for Alcatel-Lucent telephone exchange customers.

This is one-time payment, no subscription costs.


Just fill in the application form and we will help you find the right solution for your hotel.

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Mobilā aplikācija viesnīcas personālamAlcatel-Lucent IP desktop softphone



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