The Jabra Evolve 75 is the world’s first Skype for Business certified

headset meeting new Microsoft requirements for Open Offices and Outdoors


Selecting the right device for Skype for Business

Over the past few years, Microsoft has certified many devices for Skype for Business to give customers and partners choices. With many vendor solutions in the market with varying levels of feature sets this has resulted in a busy landscape when selecting the right device for Skype for Business deployments. 



What is it? Open-Office& Outdoor requirements 

As Microsoft looks to fuel adoption of Skype for Business and ensure an even higher quality customer experience a new set of requirements with more strict guidelines have been introduced. These new requirements are rooted in two new categories, Open-Office& Outdoor – that will allow Microsoft to officially make further recommendations to their customers when they require the best headsets for voice transmission.



To meet the “open-office” requirements, it must be demonstrated that the microphone sufficiently suppresses surrounding noise and office talk. More specifically it is required that the microphone does not pick up talk or chatter from the person sitting at the desk next to the headset-user. In even more simple terms that means that customers should not be able to hear the noise that they normally hear in a call-center/ open-office. 


Outdoor Microsoft has different “noise-profiles” that they measure up against. These noise-profiles could for instance be those experienced in a railway station, in a cafeteria, in a car, etc. The headset should be able to suppress this noise in such a way that the receiving end can still hear the voice “loud& clear” despite being subject to these noise-profiles. It should not be expected for all noise to be suppressed in such settings – but enough noise needs to be suppressed so that it does not disturb the overall quality of the conversation. 


What are the unique features of the Evolve75 that allow Jabra to officially meet these requirements?

In order for Jabra to meet these requirements it was necessary to engineer a microphone solution that was powerful enough to accommodate the new and stricter voice criteria. Jabra achieved this by installing intelligent software in the headset that would allow one of the ANC mics in the ear cup to work together with the microphone in the boomarm. The collaboration between these two microphones creates a “zone” - with the boom arm as the center point reaching outwards of up to 60 cm.

Everything outside this “zone” is recognized as ambient noise and chatter and as such is reduced. Inside the zone - the software recognizes when the user is speaking and opens up to capture whatever is being said. This is a unique solution which has been key to ensuring that Jabra could meet these new requirements. 

     Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “evolve 75”   Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “evolve 75”


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The reference open office is defined as an office environment where a certified UC-headset is used for communication. For a headset to bear the UC-certification label, it needs to meet strictly defined compliance requirements set and approved by the relevant Unified Communication(UC) vendors. 

Jabra Evolve 75

  • a professional wireless headset developed for an open office environments
  • the world’s first Skype for Business certified headset meeting new Microsoft requirements for Open Offices and Outdoors
  • headset with high quality double noise cancellation (ANC, PNC) and Bluetooth helping to create a personal concentration zone.


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