5 ways technology is shaping the future of retail contact centers

Customer experience is driving the contact center sector — but technology is enabling it. 

Take a look on 5 key technologies shaping the trends, from the customer service experts at Genesys:



1. Continue where you left off

Today, you need to be where customers want to communicate: on the device they want, when they want to communicate.

90% of people are communicating from multiple devices (channels) to achieve their interaction goal (Google research)


2. The contact center is moving skyward...

Contact center seats using cloud services grew by 23% in 2017


3. ...and your new customer service agent isn’t human

Some day, customers will prefer an Artificial Intelligence to a human agent… and that day is closer than you think


4. Customers want self-serve, not soft-serve

90% of consumers expect organizations to offer a self-service support portal


5. Know today what they’ll want tomorrow

Two-thirds of contact center IT managers expect to make investments in analytics this year


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Five trends. Five opportunities. How many are you using?

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