10 customer service trends to help plan 2019

Forrester Research has identified 10 customer service trends to consider on your customer experience (customer jorney) transformation. Before you strategise on transforming your customer service, read this report

Why Read This Report?

We're at a tipping point for customer service operations. Customers contact enterprises at over a greater number of channels — shifting between them seamlessly and even using channels simultaneously. Enterprises react by adding headcount — an unsustainable strategy. You must transform operations by developing strength in automation, AI, and knowledge. This report reveals the top 10 customer service trends for application development and delivery supporting customer service.


Key Takeaways

Customer Expectations Get Harder To Meet

Enterprises should think beyond channels — and beyond just shifting conversations to digital channels. They must focus on delivering the best experience based on context, including via chatbots, visual engagement, and voice interfaces.


Automation And artificial intelligence(AI) Reshape Customer Service Operations

Enterprises must reimagine their operations, with automation and AI at the center of their strategy.


Customer Service Organizations Maximize Human Connections

Organizations must invest in these moments by upskilling their workforces, motivating them, and exploring new labor models.



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