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Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (CS) is a communication software (PBX) that delivers world-class business telephony features for companies starting from 50 to many thousands of users, offering a choice of centralized or decentralized IP telephony solutions to suit your needs. 

Alcatel-Lucent offers a fully integrated BYOD (bring your own device) solutions.

Alcatel-Lucent solutions available as purchased or rented (private or public Cloud).


The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (CS) is a highly scalable solution based on a pure software communication server platform that provides multimedia call processing for both Alcatel-Lucent and third-party clients/phones. The OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server combines traditional telephone functions with support for Internet-based telephony and multimedia communication to create rich call-handling applications that deliver world-class business telephony features.

Main features:

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Intuitive telephony experience

with dynamic vocal and graphical guidance available on digital, IP, SIP desk phones, conference phones, fax devices, wireless DECT or WLAN handsets and software clients (Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone, iPad)

Native off-site mobility support

allows a single contact number, reverse calls and on-call services, and is open to any mobile

Native contact center application

allows to create sophisticated inbound/outbound voice call centric centers

Centrally managed media gateways

Digital or IP-connected cabinets that provide high-density connectivity for analog, digital, IP phones and trunks. Media gateways also provide media and security services as well as business continuity options

Strong integration with visual and mobile collaboration

software and infrastructure, including OpenTouch™ conversation and HD video conferencing

Open interfaces

to a large ecosystem of applications leveraging embedded monitoring, routing, location, notification, and hospitality APIs

Highly flexible, robust and secure architecture

can accommodate centralized, distributed or hybrid networks with smooth transformation paths to centralized IP networks. Works on Alcatel-Lucent LAN/WLAN networks and other vendors’ networks. Delivery on appliances and on VMware virtualized infrastructure. Geographical redundancy allows 99.999% uptime. Integrated AES encryption

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